The Next Generation

Central to the Property Masters Guild’s mission is mentoring the next generation of Property Masters. The entertainment industry is exploding with content, and with that comes a crushing need for more and more Property Masters. Traditionally, the craft of Property Master was taught through apprenticeship and mentoring but the demand has overwhelmed the tradition. The onus is on us, the Journeymen, to train the next generation of exceptional Property Masters. The legitimacy and history of the craft demands it;. The Property Masters Guild is perfectly suited for the task.

Born out of the theater, the Property Master is responsible for sourcing the items that transport audiences to another world, keep an actor’s hands full, and help writers and directors show —not tell — their stories. The Property Master’s creativity comes through designing, building, buying, renting or doing whatever is necessary to create iconic moments. The Education and Outreach Committee has a three-prong focus to enhance these skills and advance the craft:


General Public & Industry

The Property Masters Guild will create content that illustrates:

What we do
How we do it
Why we love it

PROP TALKS – Short round table discussions between Property Masters about the craft and the myriad of stories from the trenches of movies, television shows and commercial shoots.

MINUTE WITH A MASTER series – 1 to 2 minute Tik Tok-type content with various Masters showing off a technique or a process. Light and fun, designed to show the ‘Jack of all Trades’ aspect of our craft.

ICONIC MASTERS series - In-depth interviews with the living legends of the craft. Sit down with Dennis Parrish as he discusses military props in ‘Patton,’ working with Barbara Streisand in ‘Hello Dolly,’ the progression of Dustin Hoffman’s eyeglasses in ‘Papillon’ and other stories from the
Master who created props for ‘The Jerk’, ‘Basic Instinct’, ‘Casino’, ‘Gangs of New York’ and ‘The Aviator’ to name a few.

‘TRY THIS AT HOME’ or ‘How Much Time Do I Have’ series – 5 to 10 minute video on how to build a prop, sometimes on the fly.

Our Membership

The Property Masters Guild is currently working on a curriculum of advanced classes for our members, designed to enhance craftsmanship and technique.

Workshop topics include:

  • Interview techniques
  • Contract negotiations
  • Budgeting
  • Navigating difficult personalities and on-set culture
  • Research, procurement and manufacturing
  • Weapons safety and regulations
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